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Firefox's bookmarks file

a little javascript:
var first = document.getElementsByTagName('A')
for(i in first) {document.write(first[i].getAttribute("HREF")+ "

and a little bash:

And I'm on my way to synchronized bookmark files


"And if you don't know about Emacs, well... it's got a bit of steep learning curve, but if you're doing some serious text editing, it's the most heavily overengineered power tool on the planet. It really has only two serious competitors: one is Vi, the default Unix text editor (originally the work of Bill Joy), which is much less powerful and sophisticated, but lets you accomplish most things with many fewer keystrokes. The second is Microsoft Word."
-- Tim Bray


garbage collection == dynamic memory management

"The" is an annoying word. I probably have over 1000 bookmarks. Everytime I bookmark a website with a title starting in "The" I have to edit it out of that entry. At least for sorting purposes, "The" is superfluous.

This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.
Winston Churchill


Evolution - any change in a population's allele frequencies over time"
Definition and the Consequences of Evolution

"Intelligent design (ID) is grounded on the observation that the world looks very much as if it had an intelligent source."
"Intelligent design rests on two basic assumptions: namely, that intelligent agents exist and that their effects are empirically detectable."
Commentary: The scientific case for intelligent design of the universe
Mark Hartwig
April 19, 2005


How do I change window managers?
How do I install Knoppix?
How do I upgrade my Linux kernel?

grub v lilo
grub is bootloading software which replaced lilo.

bittorrent is p2p software.

one of the more popular command line text editors.

curl & libcurl
a command line and library for accessing the internet

added to gcc allows for distributed compiles

a really fast compact email server

a native linux replacement for BIOS

Tim Bray recommends SubEthaEdit.

iTerm sounds promising... It is! It is!!

I've got X11 installed. It's going to take some work though to get Darwin/X11 up to speed with a regular linux distro. However I did find a manual install article on O'Reilly.

My goal here is to be able to install unix from scratch.
IBM on linux from scratch
Linux from Scratch
Linux to Solaris Diary
Unix from Scratch


Sen. Rick Santorum, (R-Pa.), wants to make you pay twice for your local weather forcast.

Bruce Schneier reports that the state of Ohio may steal your identity. That won't hold up in court.

Vote out F. James Sensenbrenner III (R-WI). He wants to criminalize a particular strand of free speech. What happens when he gets to you?

Vote out Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT). He supported the now dead induce act.


Last checked Firefox had been downloaded almost 49 million times.

Firefox 1.0.3 is current.

- Firefox on acid

- Where is my profile?
Copy profile folder to another locationto backup your profiles, bookmarks, extensions, etc.
Edit profile.ini to link to a specific profile.

I don't like that Firefox hogs so much memory. Sometimes it'll be using five times as much memory as any other program on a Windows box.

Simple cross-platform XUL interfaces for a calculator, terminal, IRC, etc. might help the Mozilla technologies spread faster. One things that seems to make Apple software so popular is that they have many small really great tools. Their only problem is that the GUI only works on the apple platform. XUL admitedly is not as polished as a Cocoa interface. However, it is portable and has an energetic fanbase.

Why do calculator GUIs have numbers on them when there is already a set on the keyboard?


I mentioned in the last post that FreeBSD has good man pages (actually I'm using an iBook right now). ifconfig lists en as a device. FreeBSD Hypertext Man Pages has a description where my iBook doesn't.


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